Little Downham BE XC training 8.7.18

Incredible amount of love for this horse, no she hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary but we took a trip to Little Downham for some BE XC schooling with Tina Ure, for a start she is so lovely to take out on my own.
In our group the oldest horse was a lovely 26yo ex 2** horse, the youngest was my lovely 5yo Flame who was super, even popping the odd Novice fence, feeling ready to upgrade to 100 in the near future.
The temperature read 37oC as I left so we had to stop for an ice cream on our way home! 🍦😋

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SJ training with Sue Harris 4.7.18

Flame had a great lesson with Sue Harris, this was the only photo chief photographer/babysitter took, we’ll let her off since she was a bit pre-occupied chasing the menage eating, hole digging monster away from the jumps! Yes that could mean the toddler or the Jack Russell, it was certainly both at one point! 😄

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Showjumping training 22.2.18

Some lessons with Sue Harris Thursday morning, Clover (homebred 4yo) has come on so much in the last few weeks managing to put together a whole course in our little school. Flame was just fantastic, Socks who is here for a few weeks also had a jump and was a very good boy. 

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XC schooling Horseheath 18.2.18

On Sunday 18th Feb we had our first bit of XC schooling this year, it turned into a lovely day to be at Horseheath, even if it did start out a bit foggy! Flame was a superstar, despite only ever having done very little XC schooling (once) she was fab!!
Then there’s Dennis… he hadn’t jumped a single twig, neither had Rosie sat on him since Little Downham at the end of September last year! He had a break over Christmas and then has done a bit of flatwork and hacking at home since, he was brill having forgotten nothing!
Natalie also came along with Wispa who was also a very good boy and they hope to have a go at some BE in the spring.

Wispa and Natalie
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Showjumping training 2.2.18

Fantastic jumping sessions with Sue Harris this morning, Sue met Clover (homebred 4yo) for the first time who jumped through her first double, Flame (5yo) was her usual brilliant self, just gets better and better and look at that back end on Jerry (homebred 5yo)!
Clover –
Flame –

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Mike Potter training 31.12.17

On the last day of 2017 Rosie had some training with International Showjumper Michael Potter on Flame. Rosie also had a good catch up with old school friend and Mike’s equally talented wife, Zoe Potter (Adams) for whom she was bridesmaid earlier in the year just 3 weeks after Eliza was born which certainly helped to get her back in the swing of things!
It was lovely to end the year with a super horse and some interesting feedback from a different set of eyes on the ground, unfortunately they are based in Nottinghamshire so this is unlikely to be a regular thing but always good to get a new perspective and some more Flame fans! 😀
Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2018…

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SJ training with Sue Harris 7.11.17

Rosie did some training with Sue on tuesday 7th November with all the ponies jumping really well. Rosie says Paddy is great to work with as he’s always improving. The three 4yo’s had their last sessions with Sue before their break and all of them were fab. Jerry, Flame and Billy 🙂 

Jerry 7.11.17
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Horseheath XC schooling 14.8.17

On the Monday after Horseheath’s BE event they opened up their full flagged and dressed courses for schooling. 

Jerry went along and jumped round the full 90 course just like a competition. He jumped clear and was so well behaved, ignoring various other horses that were milling around some of the jumps. 

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Littles schooling 24.7.17

On Monday 24th July Rosie took Jerry and new boy Rocky to have a quick school XC at Littles whilest EEHPC camp is on. Jerry mainly went just to trot through the water as a reminder since he was doing his first event the following weekend, he was fab and trotted straight through.

Rocky is a registered connemara 4yo, he has not long been broken but as Rosie was going anyway she thought she’d take him along to pop through the water etc, he was fab, jumping ditches, going through the water, everything.

Dennis also came for a pop through the water and also quick spin round the showjumps before his first event at the weekend too. He was also great.

Dennis’ own style!!
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