Stratford Hills BE 17.6.18

Good day at Stratford Hills with #Supercob and #FabulousFlame. Both did lovely double clears, Dennis was marginally calmer than he was SJ during the week but although he did a nice test it was slightly below par for him, 32.8 was his score which was good enough to finish 2nd!
Flame did a lovely test, she just keeps getting better, unfortunately she scored an average 33 but can’t complain with 5th place.
2 x double clears, 2 x rosettes, 2 x brill ponies! 


Just to make Stratford Hills even better for us our homebred, Lollipops first foal Eeyore won his BE80 section for owner Suzy and rider Jane Bettles, well done guys! Picture of him the day he was born…

Eeyore as a foal.
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