Keysoe BE 25.8.19

We had an educational (and hot!🌞) day at Keysoe. Teddy did a nice test with a few green moments for 31, followed by 1 down and a runout at a skinny xc. Both mistakes Rosie felt she could have prevented but shes ridden Teddy just once since Horseheath 2 weeks ago (that being the only jump he’s had) so it’s all a learning curve for both of them, onwards and upwards. Onto Risky who was doing his first 100 which was a big ask but he proved he’s well capable 😊 His test was by far the nicest test he’s done to date, Rosie managed to go wrong (she was still doing Teddy’s testπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ) which didn’t help the 37 they scored but we were just pleased he was the nicest he’s been to ride for Rosie. Paul (dad) put the XC bit on for the sj which Rosie made the mistake of changing back, to then be towed round rather too fast (& maybe slightly out of control! πŸ™ˆ) for 1 down but he finished the day with a super clear XC. All in all a fun day with two exciting horses πŸ₯°

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