Not to be Norton Disney and end of season round up…

I’m clearly not meant to go to Norton Disney, this was the fourth time I’ve been entered…
Attempt 1 lame horse
Attempt 2 my own bad back
Attempt 3 Abandoned frozen
Attempt 4 (tomorrow) Abandoned wet
Chandra had just arrived at her stopover stable with Teddy, and Katie (babysitter) was halfway here from Wales!
Always a silver lining… No early start, Chandra gets to spend the evening with friends, Katie will get taken out for lunch and I get to dress Eliza as a Witch for her last day at preschool before half term! 😄I’m sure you all know what I’d rather be doing!
And just like that the seasons over!
A late start to it due to Bridget’s arrival mid Feb but a 2nd at Horseheath in April wasn’t a bad start! #FabulousFlame followed that up with another placing in May before she was Sold 😭. A few months followed without a horse to compete 🤷‍♀️ #notlikeme Then came the arrival of Risky and Teddy from Ireland, both begun their Eventing careers well but we’re hopeful there’s still more to come.
Just this week 5yo Smudge has arrived with next season in mind if not sold before then 🙄😄
Willy (homebred), 3yo is about to be broken and Ripple (smaller 3yo) will be broken next year.
So next season is already looking like a busy one, and winter too… Can’t wait!

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