Helping Rosie

To become and stay a successful eventer Rosie needs help and support from many different people in order to keep herself and her horses in their best possible condition and fitness.

Although sponsorship and financial support is a vital area where Rosie is always on the look out for potential sponsors, she is thankful to her talented support team of whom she would like to make special mention to the below:

‘Team Chinery’
Rosie’s parents and grandparents provide invaluable support who Rosie could not be without.

Invaluable Grooms –

  • Natalie Newman 

Instructors – Rosie could not be without her instructors who not only provide an ever helpful set of eyes on the ground but offer alternative views and exercises to improve both Rosie’s riding and the horses’ way of going. Also keep a watch out for training updates where Rosie will detail particularly beneficial training sessions.

Dressage – Elaine Forge

Showjumping – Sue Harris

XC and All round trainer – Sam Nicholls


Vet – Rosie uses Catley Cross Veterinary Practice who are an extremely knowledgeable equine practice.

Farrier – Rosie couldn’t be without the support of Adam Forbes.


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