RC team showjumping 17.11.19

Smudge answered all the questions to win the 90 with a treble clear and by 4 seconds no less, luckily he’s a fast learner (he learnt about tight turns in the collecting ring just before he went in!)⚑on top of that the team won too qualifying for the championships at Bury Farm next April #goodSmudge 🌟

Winning team
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RC Arena Eventing 10.11.19

Yesterday Smudge did the RC Arena Eventing and was a very good baby pony, just one down in XC section trying so hard to clear it, which he did but knocked the wing! πŸ™ˆPhoto evidence…

About to hit the wing!
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Keysoe Arena ODE 3.11.19

We all thought the event season was over… But on Sunday we had a long but fun day at Keysoe arena eventing, all 3 parts on a surface but the XC did include a step, water, and ditch, not to mention plenty of skinnies!

Smudge was thrown in at the deep end having never been XC schooling and it was his first time inside the white boards too. He took it all in his stride for a 33, 1 down and clear XC to finish 6th in his 90 sectionπŸ‘

Teddy did a lovely test for a 31, 1 down then towed me round the XC clear, he definitely knows what that bit is about now! He was 4th in the other 90 section 🌟

It was a day for the greys as Natalie came along with Wispa and finished 10th.

Bluebell came as companion so we had 4 greys on board and what a good job they all did too! 😊

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Anvil Park Stud BS 29.10.19

On Tuesday Rosie took Smudge to Anvil Park for their first competition together, he couldn’t have been any better jumping double clear in both the British Novice and the Discovery for a 3rd and 2nd place. 

Teddy also went having a pole in both classes but his second round was much improved. 

Good ponies 😊

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Not to be Norton Disney and end of season round up…

I’m clearly not meant to go to Norton Disney, this was the fourth time I’ve been entered…
Attempt 1 lame horse
Attempt 2 my own bad back
Attempt 3 Abandoned frozen
Attempt 4 (tomorrow) Abandoned wet
Chandra had just arrived at her stopover stable with Teddy, and Katie (babysitter) was halfway here from Wales!
Always a silver lining… No early start, Chandra gets to spend the evening with friends, Katie will get taken out for lunch and I get to dress Eliza as a Witch for her last day at preschool before half term! πŸ˜„I’m sure you all know what I’d rather be doing!
And just like that the seasons over!
A late start to it due to Bridget’s arrival mid Feb but a 2nd at Horseheath in April wasn’t a bad start! #FabulousFlame followed that up with another placing in May before she was Sold 😭. A few months followed without a horse to compete πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ #notlikeme Then came the arrival of Risky and Teddy from Ireland, both begun their Eventing careers well but we’re hopeful there’s still more to come.
Just this week 5yo Smudge has arrived with next season in mind if not sold before then πŸ™„πŸ˜„
Willy (homebred), 3yo is about to be broken and Ripple (smaller 3yo) will be broken next year.
So next season is already looking like a busy one, and winter too… Can’t wait!

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Codham Park BS 22.10.19

Today Risky went out for a holiday after a fairly intense few months learning about being an event horse. Teddy went for an outing BS at Codham where he made a couple of mistakes but improves with every round, next year or maybe even the year after will be his year! 😁 And we had a new arrival, no doubt there will be more details in the coming days…

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Little Downham BE 5th/6th Oct 19

On Saturday Teddy got his first top 10 placing with a 9th BE80 at Little Downham, he did a lovely test for 33 in a tight scoring arena, followed by 1 down and a super clear XC, he really does seem to be getting the hang of it all now! 

Risky went Sunday for the BE100, he had to cope with torrential rain and rather soggy going underfoot! Nonetheless he tried his best for a 34, one down and brilliant clear XC to finish a frustrating 11th! 

Thankyou to the whole team at Little Downham for keeping the show on the road  and running like clockwork despite the weather!


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Jays BS 25.9.19

A last minute decision to go to the Jays BS was made worthwhile when BOTH ponies jumped double clear BN, with Risky coming… Guess… 2ND!! 🀣Can’t complain with that being his favourite place! And Teddy was 3rd 😊 Risky is now qualified 2nd rounds too #MrRisky #Teddybear #goodponies

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Cubbing 17.9.19

Risky had his first morning cubbing out with the East Essex and he couldn’t have behaved any better, stood perfectly and was polite and mannerly, such a good boy. 

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Burnham Market 14.9.19

On Saturday Risky took on his second BE100 at Burnham Market, he did an OK test but the judge didn’t like us at all for 37.5,he showjumped very well but one down. Then XC he was superb, I think this is his forte! 

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Codham Park BS 3.9.19

Risky and Teddy took a trip to Codham on Tuesday, Risky got his fourth 2nd on his fourth visit there, nothing like consistency! Teddy had some green poles but he’s improving all the time. 

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Keysoe BE 25.8.19

We had an educational (and hot!🌞) day at Keysoe. Teddy did a nice test with a few green moments for 31, followed by 1 down and a runout at a skinny xc. Both mistakes Rosie felt she could have prevented but shes ridden Teddy just once since Horseheath 2 weeks ago (that being the only jump he’s had) so it’s all a learning curve for both of them, onwards and upwards. Onto Risky who was doing his first 100 which was a big ask but he proved he’s well capable 😊 His test was by far the nicest test he’s done to date, Rosie managed to go wrong (she was still doing Teddy’s testπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ) which didn’t help the 37 they scored but we were just pleased he was the nicest he’s been to ride for Rosie. Paul (dad) put the XC bit on for the sj which Rosie made the mistake of changing back, to then be towed round rather too fast (& maybe slightly out of control! πŸ™ˆ) for 1 down but he finished the day with a super clear XC. All in all a fun day with two exciting horses πŸ₯°

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