Codham Park BS 8.8.17

On Tuesday Jerry and Stan went to Codham for some BS. Jerry is improving all the time and Rosie says he’s just been unlucky to not of got a double clear BN yet.

Stan jumped double clear 1.10 for 4th place. 

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Keysoe 29th/30th July 17

Last weekend Jerry and Stan went to Keysoe for some BS on Saturday and an unaffiliated ODE on Sunday, it was Jerry’s first stay away from home!

Jerry jumped his best round so far in the BN for an unlucky pole which continued throughout the day with Stan jumping suoer round both 1.10 and Fox for unlucky poles.

Stan Keysoe Fox

Sunday was the unaffiliated ODE which Rosie managed to get a late entry for Stan in the 100 after Little Downham. Stan jumped a very easy double clear (as you’d expect), however he was unplaced due to being 15 seconds too fast! Rosie said she knew he was fast but she didn’t want to spoil his rhythm.

Dennis also came Sunday to do his first event in the 80, same as Jerry. Jerry did a very green test neighing to his friends, or anyone that would talk back whenever he could! So scored 41.5 but was by no means last. He then went on to jump a very easy double clear considering it was his first ever event.

Dennis did a nice test for 34, he had one down and another easy clear XC to finish 8th, Jerry was also 8th, brilliant results for 2 first timers.

All in all a fun weekend where the horses went well.

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Codham Park BS 25.7.17

It was great to see that getting stuck in a ditch just 2 days ago has no ill effects for Stan when he won the metre open at Codham, bringing home a red one for the 3rd week in a row!

Jerry jumped another improved round in the BN.


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Littles schooling 24.7.17

On Monday 24th July Rosie took Jerry and new boy Rocky to have a quick school XC at Littles whilest EEHPC camp is on. Jerry mainly went just to trot through the water as a reminder since he was doing his first event the following weekend, he was fab and trotted straight through.

Rocky is a registered connemara 4yo, he has not long been broken but as Rosie was going anyway she thought she’d take him along to pop through the water etc, he was fab, jumping ditches, going through the water, everything.

Dennis also came for a pop through the water and also quick spin round the showjumps before his first event at the weekend too. He was also great.

Dennis’ own style!!
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Little Downham BE 23.7.17

It wasn’t Rosie and Stans day at Little Downham on 23rd July, they did a lovely test but scored a mediocre 34 before jumping a super clear round showjumping. On to XC and they were absolutely flying before Rosie was a little enthusiastic at a sharks teeth pallisade with a ditch under it, Stan decided he could put an extra stride than Rosie wanted, just so he could check the ditch and jump extra high, like he does! Unfortunately, this time they ended in the ditch where Stan was a little stuck! Rosie jumped off and he scrambled out, she wanted to carry on but seeing Stan had scrapes on every leg she decided to save him for another day and retire.

Before their mishap
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Dressage training 19.7.17

Today we went over to Chandra’s for Rosie to have a flatwork lesson with Elaine on Stan in prep for Little Downham this weekend, he was a very good boy.

We also took Jerry to run through his dressage test ready for his first ever unaffiliated event next week end! He is still very green but tries very hard!

Rosie also had a sit on Dennis (owned by Chandra) in a dressage saddle for the first time, Dennis is also doing his first event next week end. 

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Codham Park BS 18.7.17

Yesterday we went back to Codham with Jerry and Stan. Dennis came along too for another go at the clear round, he jumped really well for just one down showing real improvement.

Jerry went straight in the British Novice this week, a few mistakes but again showing improvementioned. 

Stan had a very unlucky pole in the 1.10 and then jumped a super double clear in the 1.15 to win!

Good ponies 🙂 

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Codham Park BS 11.7.17

The decision to jump the earlier classes BS at Codham with Stantheman turned out to be a good one for Rosie on Tuesday!

1. They weren’t keen on waiting around too long and 2. It was going to rain!

Like the Mr Consistent that he is Stan won both his classes, paying for himself and Jerry’s entries plus gaining a few ££ profit!

Jerry jumped another clear in the clear round so it was decided that it was time he tackled a British Novice, a few down but showing so much promise, next time he can go straight in the BN!

Dennis, owned by Chandra also came along to jump his first ever course of Showjumps in the clear round, a couple down but a good start.



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Great Witchingham BE 1.7.17

A second ever run at Intermediate for Stantheman on Saturday at Great Witchingham. Fab dressage for 30.5  Good Showjumping for one down then a real shame to get 20 penalties at skinny coming out of 2nd water, just ran out of steam, Rosie said she should have kicked harder! Clear second attempt and jumped everything else great. They’ll get there, Rosie said “still great fun to be jumping round some bigger courses again”.



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Codham Park BS 27.6.17

A trip to Codham Park on Tuesday with Jerry who was a star jumping clear in the clear round, much improved from last time  He then had a wander through Codham’s water, such a cool dude. 

Stantheman was jumping out his skin for a fab double clear 1.10. Then the 1.15 was eventful! Jumping in torrential rain we don’t know if any of the other entries jumped! As soon as he finished the rain slowed and they went back in to jump clear! 

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Dressage training 23.6.17

Rosie has been having regular flatwork lessons with Elaine Forge, Stan’s next test includes shoulder in and simple changes on the centre line, these are both things Rosie and Stan struggle with a little, shoulder in because it’s still quite new to Stan and simple changes because his canter is quite big and being on the centre line makes it harder, plus following a medium canter makes it even tougher to get his canter small. 

These are the things they worked on yesterday, Elaine is away next week before Stan’s next event but Rosie now knows exactly what to concentrate on. 

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Little Downham XC schooling 22.6.17

Today Jerry (homebred 4yo) went to Ely Eventing Centre for his first proper go at XC schooling, he was great, Rosie said “it’s so rewarding when you’ve done them from the very start, even better when you bred them!” 
Dennis (owned by Chandra) also went for a bit of schooling, he was fab too, fingers crossed he’ll get out Eventing this season.

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