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I very lightly backed my 4yr old (Cara) last year (when I say lightly I mean not even trot or canter was achieved) and then turned her away. When it came to bringing her back this year a lot of my confidence had deserted me, I finally admitted defeat and started looking around for someone to finish the job I had started, worrying and thinking about all the horror stories I had heard and read of horses that were ruined by so called ‘professionals’. After much searching I found Rosie and her mum Karen and Cara was promptly travelled over to them. She settled immediatly into the relaxed and happy environment. Knowing that I was like a worried mother, Rosie at my request sent me daily texts to begin with updating me on her progress, within a few days I was told that Cara was happily trotting round and had had her first canter, Rosie also posted photo’s of Cara so I could see how she was getting on. After the first 2 weeks and a couple of visits (each time Cara had been bathed and smartened up in advance of my arrival) I felt confident enough to get on myself, Rosie stayed with me shouting out the odd instruction to help me. The next 2 weeks went by in a flash, Cara was hacked out alone and in company, cantered in front and behind and jumped over some small jumps and even better than that Rosie supported me in doing all of the above on Cara myself too so that I felt confident enough at the end of 4 weeks, to carry on with all the good work they had done on my own at home.
I would whole heartedly recommend Rosie and Karen to send your horse to be backed or bought on by them, my horse was well cared for, had regular turnout and was totally relaxed, she was exposed to all sorts of different situations and what I got back was a well rounded horse, ready to progress with the next stage of her education with me a much more confident rider.
Thank you so much guys for all you have done for me and my (not so little) girl.

Natalie Arnold 2012


I bought Frodo (Unbelievable Honour) from Rosie in November/December of 2011. He is so lovely natured- loves kisses and cuddles! He is 7 now, and competing at novice level, and we are aiming to do our first one star together in October. He is the most fabulous jumper, first time I took him schooling he was so brave, and we have formed a lovely relationship. And recently I took him to Carlton to do the ONU18 -with a fairly challenging course, and he jumped round like he had been doing it for years. Rosie is also very helpful, as I can ask her any question or ask for advice, as she knows Frodo so well. I would definitely buy another horse produced by her.

Amy Drummond 2012 

2013 – Amy has since brought another horse from Rosie, Brendan (See ‘Sold’ page) and Frodo was long listed for the Junior Europeans.

Amy on Frodo
Amy on Frodo


I sent my 4 year old WB x TB to Rosie after I had broken him in as he was quite sharp and needed a few weeks away with a talented rider who could really get him started. I decided to send him to Rosie as her record and reputation are second to none. Rosie kept in contact with me through out my horses stay and was totally honest with me. When I went to see him every week I couldn’t believe how my very green youngster had developed and matured. He looked very well and relaxed and was doing much more than I ever dreamed of in such a short space of time. Rosie then came and rode my horse at my yard and gave me a lesson on him which enabled me to really continue her hard work myself. A month on he has qualified for the Royal London and his first dressage competition is next week. Well done and thank you for all your hard work!

Alex Bull 2012

The Waterfall’s –

Toby Horse

When my horse Toby came of an age in 2011 to be started I had no hesitation in sending him to Rosie. Toby went to Rosie having been lightly sat on in the stable and was ready to further his education.

Rosie cared for him in a professional and friendly manner, both in her training of Toby and by keeping me informed of his progress with regular updates and photos.

Toby came home and was already hacking out well, alone and in company, he had briefly but successfully started his education in the ménage learning to use all three paces correctly. Rosie had introduced pole work and a small sequence of jumps all of which he took too easily. This can only be attributed to the methods and manner that the horses are worked in Rosie’s yard.

Sarah and Toby 8th BE90 Burnham Market (2) 2012

After a summer of grazing, maturing and processing what he had learnt it was time to bring Toby back into work and using his firm foundations we sent him back to Rosie to continue his education in the hunting field.

The result was a horse that was much more forward going jumping things that I never thought would be possible and showing some real scope and promise that he would return home to follow my lifetime ambition of competing at British Eventing level!

With the help of Rosie and her fantastic network and support team, I have since achieved that goal. Toby has returned home to me and we have competed at various unaffiliated events with some success, and now with the help and advice of Rosie and our mutual trainer Sam Nicholls we took a leap and went BE in July 2012.

I am now the proud owner of my first proper eventer – and I owe Rosie and her team a great deal of gratitude for their hard work, ambition, support and drive which is clear for all to see.

Sarah and Toby did a fantastic double clear and came 8th BE90 at Burnham Market (2) September 2012.


During the time that Toby was at Rosie’s yard I was quietly searching for a horse for my husband Mark, as we have encountered many lows with recent purchases and his heart was starting to sink and loose the love of horses that he once had. Rosie suggested that we tried a stunning chestnut gelding that she had in; her father Paul was currently hunting him and SJ at local competitions. I had seen this handsome boy out hunting as he had on many occasion babysat with the help of Paul whilst Toby and I were out hunting.

After some discussions, many trials and a successful vetting and the patience of Rosie and her parents we went ahead and purchased Ralph whose proper name could not be any more appropriate – Relief!

Toby and Sarah with Ralph and Mark!

I can say 100% that it has been a relief. The purchase was a smooth and very professional process and we have now got a wonderful horse that my husband and everyone that has anything to do with him can enjoy and adore.

I would not hesitate in recommending Rosie when it comes to looking for and purchasing quality horses.

We feel that you are going to get an honest, professional and reliable service from a team that are prepared to go that extra mile.

Jersey Boy’s

In 2011 my father in laws racehorse Jersey returned home to us as a very poor specimen of a horse with various problems and ailments after being dismissed by his trainer for failing to make it as a National Hunt horse.

Having had experience of Rosie’s yard and her training we didn’t hesitate when the time came for finding him a new trainer in the hope that we might be able to retrain him as an eventer we knew that Rosie was the girl for the job!

Jersey Boy’s

Rosie has taken Jersey right from the beginning of his journey and successfully re trained and rehabilitated him with expert knowledge and precision care.

With the commitment and hard work Jersey is now aimed at his first BE100 for August 2012.

We are excited to watch this combination continue to grow together into something that we think will be a long and very successful partnership.

As an acknowledgement Rosie’s hard work and dedication, my Father in law who owns our family business Horse Requisites in Newmarket is proud to help support Rosie and honoured to be part of her team and see our name at the events that she attends with her horses.

Sarah Waterfall 2012

Jersey has now been placed in two BE novices gaining BE points.

Jackie – John Waterfall, Jersey’s owner has also sent a 2yo filly called Jackie to Rosie to be broken-in and continue her education until she goes into training as a racehorse.

Giles’ –

I first met Rosie about seven years ago when I bought a pony for my daughter Anna from Rosie’s mother Karen.  The pony turned out to be an absolute superstar and sealed a very successful working relationship between us all.

Since then we have always sent all our horses for Rosie to ride. When my daughter progressed on to horses and things started to get more serious we relied on Rosie and her mother Karen for advice and help.  Rosie very successfully rode and sold on two horses for us, the latest St Tropez, was a very sad sale for us as Rosie built such a strong partnership with the Mare that we would really have loved to keep her and let Rosie take her on through the grades, but sadly a lack of funds meant we had to sell her.

Rosie and St Tropez 4th novice June 2012

At the moment we are having a break from horses, but if at any time in the future we decide to return to horses, Rosie will be our first port of call!        

Jane Giles 2012


‘Buying Rupert from Rosie was a totally refreshing experience. Absolutely honest from day one, answered all my questions and despite my previous bad experience gave me the confidence to go and try Rupert. Rosie’s yard is immaculate, full of beautiful and happy horses. Rupert had been well cared for and trained with kindness. He watched Rosie intently and clearly trusted her. He is now ours, a sweet, honest and kind horse. Thank you Rosie, owning such a lovely horse would not have been possible without you.’

Sarah Curtis May 2013


We were looking for a suitable horse as Mother/Daughter share with which we could do some dressage, safe hacking, and some local level jumping and bought a horse via another source which foolishly we bought in a hurry and it didn’t work out. We lost a lot of confidence and returned the horse, and began our search again, although this time the task of finding a suitable horse was more difficult due to that experience and loss of confidence.
We trawled all the horses for sale web sites and went to view many horses, most of which were at least one hand smaller than advertised, or we were unable to hack from the yard where the horses were kept so we couldn’t ascertain how the horse would be. It seemed to be a fruitless task.


One morning while having coffee with a friend and looking through the web sites again, we saw Bella advertised on Rosie’s web site. Our instructor had previously asked Rosie if she had any suitable horses available, but as we were looking for a gelding, around 16 hands ish, aged between 7 and 10 for dressage Rosie didn’t have anything that fitted that category.
However, when we saw Bella on her web site, who was a mare, 5 years old, and 16.3, we called Rosie again to enquire as everything else about the mare fitted the bill.
Rosie told us she was big, very sweet with a great attitude, and would turn her hoof to anything asked of her. So we arranged to go and see her.
We went into the stable and took a sharp intake of breath at her size. However she was extremely quiet, calm, affectionate and attractive. Rosie rode her first and we can’t say we weren’t a somewhat terrified having lost our confidence and with Bella being so big, but we both tried her in the menage, and I took her up the road where she passed farm machinery, lorries, cars with rattly trailers, delivery vans, all without a hitch.
We fell in love with her and bought her.
We agreed the deal on the Sunday when Rosie had actually taken Bella to a one day event at Milton Keynes when she got 72 per cent in dressage, jumped clear in cross country and only had 2 down in show jumping coming 12th over all out of around 39. So we called Rosie that day and said we wanted to buy her and by 9.30 Wednesday morning Rosie had delivered her to our yard. When she came off the lorry we couldn’t believe how quiet, calm and stunning she looked. Within an hour I was out hacking on her with 2 friends. Having lost confidence I wasn’t ready to canter, but while friends were cantering on the stubble field Bella was more than happy to trot alongside them.
We have had Bella 2 weeks now and during that period we have hacked in company and alone, with Bella constantly being quiet, calm, never spooks at anything, but willing and forward going.
We have begun schooling and had lessons and Bella attempts everything that is asked of her with a superb willing attitude and tries her heart out.
She has the most relaxed easy going nature and her paces are big and floaty, she is very well balanced with every pace being in a lovely soft even rhythm. She is soft in the mouth and incredibly light in the hand with a wonderful self carriage.
We cannot praise Bella or Rosie enough. Within the first week Bella had given us both our confidence back and we thoroughly enjoy every second with her.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rosie if you are looking for a horse, or if you need one schooling. She has done a superb job with Bella.
June and Katy Hughes Sept 2013


Over the last couple of years I lost a lot of my confidence and lost all the enjoyment of riding from a horse that was far too sharp for me. I decided it was time to find a horse that was sensible and fun to enjoy. I was recommended to talk to Rosie through the Waterfall family who have bought horses and sent horses to Rosie to school. I first saw Gromit advertised on her website and he was described as a safe sensible all-rounder who hunted and enjoyed jumping and hacked out safely. He sounded perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Rosie and her family were so helpful, and answered all my questions and showed me what he was like. I rode him in the school, jumped him and took him for a hack and a canter up the hill. Hacking was something I had not done in almost 4 years due to my last horse hating it, so as you can imagine I totally fell for him.

Spider and Gromit

He was everything she said and more. He passed a 5 stage vetting and came home that week. I could not be happier with my horse. I have had him only a couple of months and we have already had so much fun and have struck up a real partnership. I took him to a Nick Turner clinic and he was so well behaved and so much fun. Then on a total whim I took him to a jumping competition where we came 5th. He is perfect to handle on the ground and so gentle to ride. We are enjoying all the things I want to do and so much more. He is a complete dude and has a huge fan club already. I am looking forward to 2014 competitions with the BFG (Big Friendly Gromit). I can’t thank Rosie and her family for helping me and arranging everything. Truly an amazing family. If anyone was looking for a horse I would always point them in the direction of Rosie. She is honest and friendly, everything you want when you are buying a horse. Thank you again Spider and the BFG xx

Spider Shephard December 2013



My horse turned 3 and I knew how important the breaking-in stage was and that it would be a big part of the start to his career so I wanted to make the right decision where I sent him and I have no regrets sending him to Rosie.

She did a fantastic job, he was well handled but had never been tacked up, lunged or sat on, so she was doing him from fresh. He was there for 3 weeks and I was regularly informed of his progress and also got pictures and I could visit him any time I wanted!

I went and rode him before bringing him home and I couldn’t have been happier with the job she had done, it was a great start for him. I would definitely recommend anyone to use Rosie for breaking and I will definitely use her again if I ever need another horse breaking-in.

Was very pleased from start to finish with the whole process. Very professional!

Georgina Roberts June 2014




Toes –

I sent Toes to Rosie to be sold, due to my lack of time. Rosie acted quickly and efficiently, taking toes arena eventing and advertising him. Toes hardly touched base before Rosie found him a new home! I received regular updates as to how he was doing and I could always get in contact, so I had nothing to worry about. I will definitely recommend Rosie and Karen, they have done a super job in finding Toes a lovely home. Thank you.

Robyn Wheeler – November 2014




Cookie –

Cookie was sent to Rosie for some schooling. When she went home her owner posted the following status on facebook…

“Cookie’s home! Not just any Cookie, but a fitter, stronger, more balanced and less stuffy Cookie  Huge thanks to Rosie for all your help, Cookie had tack flung on her when she got back and did another 1/2 hour of trotting and cantering. Sophie had the hugest grin throughout.”

This was great to hear, Sophie rode Cookie when they came to collect her and was given some advice by Rosie, brill to hear she was pleased enough to want to ride her again when she got home!
Another great point was that Phoebe, Sophie’s sister who didn’t want to ride Cookie anymore before she came to Rosie also decided to have a ride and also got on well!
Super outcome! 🙂

Karyn Daniels – Dec 2014



Oscar –

I brought Oscar from Rosie about two weeks ago. After a bad accident I had lost my confidence and wanted something safe, and sane to go BE and generally have fun on whilst I regain my confidence. I looked for 3 months, and seeing some really awful horses I almost lost hope. Until I found oscar. Oscar is everything Rosie said and more. He’s the total confidence giver, with perfect manners. I honestly have a queue of people at my yard wanting to ride him if I’m not there! Thank you so much for my amazing horse Rosie and getting me back in the saddle:) xxx

Christine Ann – July 2015




a thanky a thankya


Blaze – 

“Thank you so much for your professional speedy service at a very emotional and difficult time. I appreciate you looking after Blaze and finding her a new home as for us it was too emotional. A very difficult decision but glad she has a lovely home and family to enjoy. Thank you xx” Michelle May 2018


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