About Rosie

Name: Rosie Hull (nee Chinery)

D.O.B: 10.12.90

Rosie has always ridden since before she can remember. She was brought up with horses, her mum worked as a groom and rider, with hunters, polo ponies, and racehorses, until she had children. Her dad did a lot of showjumping and later point to pointing.

Rosie has been involved in some way with most horse activities, she grew up through pony club and stayed a member of the East Essex Hunt Pony Club right up until the end of 2015 when she had become too old. Rosie also did a lot of showjumping on ponies, competing at RIHS and HOYS.

Rosie competed at the PC Championships for the first time at the age of 13 in 2004, competing in both the open eventing and open showjumping, this has become an annual occurrence since. Rosie won the open eventing individually in 2007 and was part of the winning team in 2011. In total she has been 2nd three times (2006, 2012 and 2015), 1st (2007) and 4th (2011). In 2014 Rosie was 5th individually in the open showjumping from 78 starters on 5yo Stan, the team also finished 3rd.

One of the years since 2004 that Rosie didn’t attend the PC Champs was 2009 when she suffered from a serious accident. Rosie point to pointed, having her first ride on her 16th birthday in December 2006, in March 2009 Rosie was galloping a horse at the Links training grounds in Newmarket when the horse she was riding had an Anurism and died underneath her whilst galloping at full speed. Rosie was in a coma for 2 weeks with a broken neck.

When Rosie woke up she had to learn how to do everything again, everything from walk to talk. She had no strength or balance at all. All she wanted to do was get back on a horse, she felt the sooner this happened the sooner everything would get back to normal.

Rosie was soon back out competing, and ever since her accident she has been working her hardest to get back to where she was and improve further.

2014 was the year that really put everything back where it should be, two things that Rosie was doing and had planned when she had her accident and haven’t happened since were put to bed. The first being passing her HGV driving test, this was on the cards at the time of the accident and in July 2014 Rosie achieved this goal, she passed and now has her HGV. The second thing to really and truly get things back to normal was to ride point to pointing again, December 2014 Rosie achieved this when she was given a lovely ride by Basic Fact at Cottenham to finish 10th in a 15 runner race. 

Since then Rosie has had a few placings Point to pointing and also plenty of placings eventing with numerous different horses. 2016 saw Rosie finish her eventing season slightly early due to her first child being due early in 2017, she also married her husband Ben earlier in 2016. Rosie’s daughter, Eliza was born in January 2017 and Rosie soon got back out competing.

2018 saw Rosie have a great season eventing with numerous wins before her second daughter Bridget, was born February 2019. Once more things got going again quickly and after a slightly quiet season eventing due to various things such as selling her best ride, Rosie is now very excited for the coming seasons with some new youngsters. 

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